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Tenuta Sant’Eufemia Estate dates back to the nineth-century. It is situated in the beautiful landscape of San Pietro dei Feletto (TV), near the fascinating city of Conegliano. At the beginning it was a convent of the Order of Friars, then it was turned to a farmhouse. During the centuries it outlives the Church domination and the mastery of the Counts of Collalto and Colfosco in the 12th.
Its denomination is due to the Countess Eufemia Dalla Balla, who lived there and appreciate the tranquillity and the panorama of the place.
In the Nineties it was restructured and reorganized to turn it into a farm specialized in the traditional and organic production of wine, which is the main product of the area. In this way Tenuta Sant’Eufemia Estate has become a peaceful corner away from the chaotic city routine.


Nowadays Tenuta Sant’Eufemia Estate looks like a modern farm, but still preserves the ancient architecture. At the ground floor there are meeting places and the kitchen, where hosts and workers used to take part at convivial moments.
Bedrooms are on the first floor. Master’s accommodations are equipped with wooden walls to guarantee cosiness and silence. On the top there are a barn and a storage. The farm, which was reserved to workers, is separated from the house and it now represents a symbol of the local history. Tenuta Sant’Eufemia Estate offers the tranquillity and the comfort which has been characterizing it during centuries.